Press Release

November 30, 2018





Delmer launchesTHREE FULLY AUTOMATIC MILKING PARLOURSnear Anand, Gujarat, India and brings the best cutting-edge milking technology to local farmers to make their milking business more productive and profitable.


TheHERD MANAGEMENT SYSTEMprovides real-time monitoring and control over the milking process as well as the reproductive, health and nutritional status of each animal. It automatically collects accurate data from every single animal and all data recorded is processed in real time according to specific algorithms, generating valuable and insightful information to support an effective decision-making process. The user-friendly interface ensures extremely simple consultation, allowing early detection of problems for proper operations. Now farmers can have extensive cow and milk data on their smartphones.


TheCOW COMFORTintegrations in the parlours ensure healthy and productive herds because a healthy and quiet animal guarantees outstanding quality and top profitability, reduces disease incidence and improves reproductive parameters.


These systems guarantee highMILK QUALITY AND ANIMAL HEALTHthrough their cleaning and sanitisation products for milking parlours and udder care. Milking process hygiene and healthy udders are key to producing top-quality milk, and in fulfilling consumer and dairy industry demands.


The Delmer Group is an internationally renowned brand name for various technologies in the weighing and jewellery manufacturing machinery since 1987. Driven by immense passion for innovating, they deliver off-beat technology to suit every pocket. With leading technology partners in Europe and USA, they focus on electronics and mechanics of machine making in their state of the art manufacturing unit in Vadodara, Gujarat.

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