About Us

The New Way to Progress.

The Delmer Group is an internationally renowned name in eWeighing covering diverse sectors in the Weighing Technology and Jewellery manufacturing Machines. We have a Strong Base in the Electronics and Mechanics of Machine Making and we currently are working closely with Technology Partners from Europe and USA.

Our Vision

"To become the premium technology, quality and service providers in our industries."

We understand that for you and your goods, second best would not do. We understand not just the intrinsic value of the goods, but what they mean to you. We understand that anything even slightly less than accurate will always be the second best option. This is what drives our need for perfection from ourselves and our products. After all, why compromise when the ideal is within reach?

Our Mission

"Creation of value for our customers by bringing in technologically advanced high quality products and services at an achievable price."

We at Delmer believe in quality. We believe in making high quality and technologically advanced products and solutions accessible for our clients. We believe in our promise to provide such high end products, and we believe in our ability to deliver on this promise.

Executive Board

What Drives Us

The Delmer Group is a globally known and respected name in the field of eWeighing (weighing scales), covering various diverse sectors in the weighing technology and jewellery manufacturing machine industries. With our strong base in the electronics and mechanics of machine making, and close ties with various technology partners both big and small from Europe and USA, we are one of the most trusted names in this ever expanding industry.

We at Delmer believe in providing high end, cutting edge, technology solutions at an achievable price. Our understanding of the needs of the industry, coupled with our passion for constant innovation, has been our drive since 1987. With our state of the art manufacturing unit in Baroda (Gujarat, India), we are able to meet the demands of, and service better, our ever trusting patrons. It is our constant endeavour to not just meet, but surpass, their expectations. Faith, after all, is rarely demanded. It is earned.


Any company is defined by the people articulating and executing the vision. We at Delmer are no different. We are our people, and our people are the embodiment of our vision and ideology. We are our passion for excellence; we are our relationships with our customers; we are technology; we are Delmer.

With this emphasis on recruiting like-minded and innovative people, we achieve harmony in vision and soul, with everyone working towards the same common objective to give you, the consumer, the value you deserve. This clarity and focus makes it easy for us to deliver on our promise, resulting in the consumer getting specialized solutions and customized services. Our employees give customer oriented approach so that our products and services are alive and useful for the end user.

Mr.Viral Parikh (Founder)

After graduating in commerce from MSU, Baroda, and completing management study in the U.S., Mr Parikh founded Delmer in 1987 on the principles of constant innovation and excellence. He set our vision on the need for perfection and creation of value for our customers.

He was instrumental in bringing the best of weighing technology from abroad and introducing it to the Indian market. Having global partners and expertise on products which are now manufactured in India, Mr Parikh has been an exemplar of the perfection we demand from ourselves.

PMPT symposium

The PMPT symposium is an initiative of The Delmer Group, started with the intentions of inculcating and enhancing the value and utility of advanced technologies in Precious Metals & Jewellery Manufacturing Industry of India.