Hardening Furnace


Hardening alloys furnace on inert atmosphere DHF.

This plant has been specially designed for hardening alloys used jeweler making.

The special design, the special construction features and tried work cycle make it an innovative and accurate instrument, that gives the client the opportunity to reach these objectives :

  • the good absolutely feature the same degree of hardness, considerably improving mechanical specifications avoiding any deformability during finishing processes and better resistance to wear
  • superior result during the polishing process
  • ensure the colours remains uniform of the parts treated, without oxidization
  • completely automatic execution of the hardness is reached for each specific type of alloy
  • the good can be laid on trays of perforated stainless steel
Technical Data
Modello Model Nr. Ripiani trays nr. Misure Camera Chamber Dimensions Dimensioni Ingombro Overall Dimensions Potenza Power Temp. Max max temp Peso Weight
nr. mm A     B     C Kw Kg
DHF-1 6 300×300×400 750   980   1600 6,5 400 240
DHF-2 6 450×450×600 890   1200   1750 9,5 600 430