Circular Vibrator

This is a universal machine used for all the wet processes of finishing-Roughing, Sanding and Polishing on jewelry parts, all ferrous alloys especially stainless steel.


Investment Cleaner

Designed for the world jewelry, the machine is used for the washing of trees form the plaster casting. Machine Is constructed entirely of steel AlS1304.


Disc Finishing

  • Gap setting with rotation of the tumbler for a 0.035 mm setting.
  • Maximum velocity of rotation 450 rpm which is the highest in the Industry.
  • Complete polyurethane tumbler.

Sand Blasting Machine

They are used for a variety of metals for cleaning (mechanical pickling), finishing, peening, decorative sandblasting, debarring, hardening and are offered in various shapes and size depending on customer's needs.


Centrifugal Tumbler

Roughing, Grinding and Polishing of very small objects. These machines incorporate the spin speed of a main course with four containers which rotate around their axis, but in the opposite direction of the main course.


Magnetic Shiner

Used mainly in jewelry and in dental machines, Magnetic Shiners are used for polishing of jewelry with stones and jewels that have small undercuts and cavities that are difficult to reach.


Polishing & Deburring Media

Their particular shape is used in magnetic Shiner machines only for the shining step, especially when there are internal surfaces impossible to reach by hand.


Polishing Bench

  • Strong metallic structure.
  • Work surface in wood, lined with laminated placstic.
  • Large sucked air volume.

Rolling Mill

Rolling mill is used for finishing gold and silver plates. Roll cage Oversized will bear more the maximum load. Rollers are cooled by a water circulation system.